MLB Charters now blocked?

I read the other thread with the annoying fan who kept posting information about the flights on the MLB website - well - it now appears that MLB ‘security’ has blocked all charters - the last flights I saw were 14 and 15May - has anyone else seen an MLB charter the last 96 hours?

If you annoy people long enough they’re bound to react. And not always positively.

STL’s charter AAL9435 still works for me, last flight was SFO-STL (where they still remain) 5 days ago

by MLB do you mean major league baseball? if so who cares, i watched a game the other day and the bottom section was only about 30% full and the top 2 sections were only about 10% full, i still will only watch the WS cause of the strike years ago and steroids. i am providing consequences for their behavior. if MLB is not baseball then nvm.