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Tweaking results after 14 days

In the past few weeks I have been tweaking and upgrading my setup in order to get more results and a better coverage around my location.

I’m very pleased wit the results so far, a lot of advice and guidance was giving in this particular forum and I’m really gratefull for all the assistance.

To show you guys what the advice can do for your setup some screenshots

Antenna moved from inside to outside on May 30th

Number of aircraft increased with 40-50%, number of positions is increased with 60% after moving the antenna outside.

Addtional tuning of antenna inside

Additonal feeder added on May 21 moved outside on May 31st

Additional feeder added on May 21 inside reception with tuning and tweaking

Overall I’m having a big boost in the number of aircraft reported

Also the range is improved

So once more, thank you for all the advice, feedback and hints and tips to get better coverage and a better performace out of my feeders, it makes the hobby much more fun :+1: