TWA #800 - Shot down by Navy or Spark in the Fuel Tank?


Please vote. No need to express your opinion, but feel free to do so…

TWA Flight 800 Cause Of Accident

Those choices aren’t too skewed! :unamused:

I love these ill-founded and unscientific conspiracies that won’t die a natural and well deserved death.


You think your choices are just a tad skewed to get the answer you want?

Bet you think the moon walk was on a Hollywood set too?


Go away.


The poll gives several possible responses. I don’t think it’s skewed.

Or do you think it’s skewed but the shot down options are first instead of the answers that you want (i.e. a spark) first are last?


Interesting website about TWA 800, but who knows how much is truth.


The first five of six choices are a shoot down.


Which website?

#9 Maybe I should just go hide under a rock for a while.


Needlenose attempted to give all possible combination of what people think happened: shot down on purpose, shot down accidentally, and a spark in th tank.

That would naturally mean the shot down on purpose or accidentally would show up in many of the responses.

With three items there are six possible options. I think he covers them well without skewing.


I’m going with the NTSB on this one, they usually do a good job.


In the same respect, the last four choices are a spark in the fuel tank.

I didn’t mean to “skew the responses” - just wanted to give all possible choices (that I could think of) and present them in a logical order. I’m not interested in trying to get people to answer a particular way. I’m only interested in knowing what y’all think - that’s all!


My apologies Needle, probably a knee-jerk reaction on my part to what I consider a nonsensical matter. Upon reflection it does appear that you made a studied attempt to cover all the possible positions that could be taken on the matter, no matter how foolish. :wink:


He left out “Shot down by a terrorist”.


Ask any Air Force guy - the Navy is a terrorist organization! :smiley: :unamused: :astonished: :open_mouth:




The Navy has its moments, yes. Personally I’m Air Force all the way :stuck_out_tongue:


Very insightful websites. I am determined to look into this more. I feel that there’s something missing here…


There’s something missing with these conspiracy theorists alright. :unamused:


If a tree falls in the woods, a conspiracy took it down…