TWA Flight 800 Cause Of Accident


Having read all about the investigation of TWA flight 800 I am frustrated that the real truth of what happened has been withheld. After all, the Navy had been doing training exercises in that area on the day of this controversial one of a kind disaster? I’m sure I’m not alone in suspecting a grand cover up involve with this. They say there were 200 witnesses that saw this disaster happen, yet none of them were allowed to testify?Other comments are welcome.


Now that you have solved it, I would get a book publisher lined up ASAP. A scoop like that will set you up as an investigative journalist for the rest of your life.

Good Work!


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Some sort of purest … king of the hill… attitude problem lurking here? Expound your thoughts so we can catch onto to your thought processes if you can?


1st, leave Hank Hill out of it! :slight_smile:
I’ve read all stuff about the missile theory, do I think thats the truth, I really can’t say one way or the other 100%. Even if they opened a new investigation the outcome would be the same, they wouldn’t admit a F-up like that. The subject has been on here before general/twa-800-shot-down-by-navy-or-spark-in-the-fuel-tank-t11286.html so you’re not alone in your beliefs judging by the poll in the thread.


I expected more of a reasonable response,but unfortunately there are the usual sharks ready for the attack. I agree with your contention that it will likely never go away as etched in stone of what really happened to Flight 800. I’m not one to back away with my head hanging down just because I ruffle someones feathers. Discussion is healthy new or old subjects as I see it. It is fun to toss controversy out there now and then.


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