Quick, get a blue tarp and some duct tape! Cover the number!

Good thing Walmart was right there!

Why do people do this? The tail number will be in Mondays FAA report available to all with internet access. I just don’t get it.

Small Plane Crashes In Troy
No Serious Injuries Reported

POSTED: Thursday, September 24, 2009
UPDATED: 2:58 pm EDT September 25, 2009
TROY, Mich. – A single-engine plane crashed just after it took off from the Oakland County Troy Airport.

Police said the pilot told them the plane lost power shortly after take-off and he tried to return to the airport.

It crashed into a Walmart parking lot, struck a grocery cart retainer, then slid into some bushes.

“When we arrived on the scene, the pilot was out of the plane. He was uninjured,” said Troy Fire Dept. Assistant Chief Dave Roberts. “There was a small fire, which we extinguished, and we were able to disconnect power to the airplane, make sure there were no hazards. Actually, the pilot’s being evaluated by EMS to make sure that there aren’t any injuries that he may not be aware of.”

The pilot was the only person inside the plane.

Watch: Plane Crashes Into Wal-Mart Parking Lot

No one on the ground was hurt.

The pilot is a 48-year-old man from Hillsdale.

No roads were closed as a result of the crash.

The FAA is now investigating the cause of the crash.


I’ve only understood it when the purpose is to cover the logo and I think that is the origin of the practice. In that case, they’re not trying to keep a secret; they just don’t want a photo of a crashed aircraft painted in their livery floating around.

Cheaper and quicker with a can of Krylon flat black, no runs, no drips, no errors.

Maybe spraying a flammable item on smoldering wreckage is a bad idea?

You should always provide the source (it’s the ethical thing to do when you post a copyrighted article either in its entirety or portions of it).

Needs open flame to ignite, if there are open flames it won’t matter.

Maybe he needed til Monday to explain to his wife that they owned an airplane.

And here I thought he was just keeping part A attached to part B after the crash…silly me. :wink:

Bring a match- that is unless you ran the damn thing out of gas- then it doesn’t matter

Or who the woman in the right seat was and the bags in the back.

Fox News Video

Pilot is a Flightaware user; very fortunate outcome from a highly experienced pilot.

I’m guessing the covering up of the registration is standard procedure in an accident.

So what is that, a Cherokee Six? :confused: Anyone… Anyone

I dunno - I can’t see the N-number! :slight_smile:

I think covering the registration is to hide it from the media. Yeah, people can look it up later in FAA or NTSB reports, but how many actually will? In the media’s eyes, a small plane crash will be old news by the time the information is available and most people will forget or won’t care then.

It is either a Cherokee six, or a Saratoga. Can’t tell if it was a fixed gear or retractable. Just what I think. :unamused:

Its a fixed gear.

It looks like a lance

N4864S Piper PA-32-260 Cherokee Six

And it says 260 on the rudder.

:laughing: Funny stuff! :laughing:

Ok… The Cherokee six is a PA-32 but fixed gear. And the PA-32 saratoga is a retractable gear. Does not matter if it has an “R” or “lance” at the end of it to be retractable… :open_mouth: