Single-engine aircraft down at KROA

Appears as though it might be a Malibu from this angle.

Local News coverage (video)

Aircraft is a PA-46-310P N6913Z … /KCHO/KROA

Aircraft was departing when accident occurred. … /KCHO/KROA

Whoa, sorry to step over you there, I was adding the arrival of the flight, sorry about that!!!


Need a kleenex, wazzu?

No but my emoticon does. I hate to hear these stories, esp on departure. My worst nightmare.

Previous incident with this plane

If I ever buy a plane with ‘13’ in the number I’m changing it.

Isn’t that even worse luck, to change the number? At least that was always how it was with ships. Did the occupents make it out, I notice the door open in the picture.

What I read this afternoon was that the passenger got out, but the pilot did not – the plane was fully engulfed before he could be pulled out.

Very sad indeed.

Pilot was reported as extricated from the aircraft, but passed away.

Clip on liveatc has the pilot saying “I’ve got a problem, control wheels are locked.” … ttach=3551

Peter, I know you are flying with the angels now, your ATC delays, your high prices for 100 octane are all behind you now. There’s so many things we were going to do together, dude, it’s already a sad week with Maundy Thursday and Good Friday too. We will hold on tight to your family and never forget you. Guess I’ll see you again when it’s my turn. Take care, Peter, you were the best friend I’ve ever had.

Sorry for your loss.

Wow. :frowning: