Plane crash 4 confirmed dead

From WCMH in Columbus, OH

More Info Mansfield News Journal

Airport info KPCW

FAA Registry N2637Y of Sport Truck LLC based at Branch County Memorial Airport “OEB”, Coldwater, Michigan.

Aircraft was listed as ‘For sale, for 228k with 6400TT’, at Elite Services at OEB. News Update

From 2nd post down, update; aircraft was sold on Dec 28/07 to Eckstein Aviation LLC, of Mansfield, Ohio.

Speculation: from where the crash location was, I noticed it appeared he was turning from base to final… from the photos from the news copter. additionally, the tip tanks were broken in half with no outward signs of a fuel spill.
Gear and full flaps appeared to be set. may have been a stall spin close to the ground upon running out of gas. Could not see the props…anybody? :frowning: … 30318/1002

My guess: medically incompasitated or stall spin. any case very sad

I bet the latter of the 2. Just bought the a/c 12/28. Maybe just allowed it to get to slow.

Witness report that the engines were running fine.

[quote=“Mansfield News Journal”]Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport manager Jack Stables said
“Everything seemed normal and I could hear both engines working fine,” he said.

Saw a photo of one of the props…It was in full feather. not developing power at impact…could have pulled the prop levers back instead of the throttles while turning base to final. :frowning:

Care to cite your source?

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the source for the photo is the manfield paper…

Me three! I’d be interested in seeing the pic if you can find it. Thanks!

I found this picture. It’s the only one I’ve seen that looks like it might show a prop blade. Hard to say if it’s feathered or not.

at thr risk of sounding stupid…how do i accomplish that? i have the photo on my desktop.

If you don’t have one already, open a photo storage account at a website that hosts pictures, such as flickr, Photobucket, Google or something like that and then upload it to there.

After that, then just post the URL here.


Here is the link to the story and photo. … 002/NEWS17

Very strange photo of prop. It appears to be in feather, but all three blades are bent close to the hub. Possibly the engine seperated and tumbled? Anyone here with experience in post-crash analysis? Here’s a linky to the big photo.

Kudos to the small paper for publishing so many pictures. Thanks for posting here!

Well it looks feathered to me too. Pulling back one of the props work create asymmetric thrust, possibly a stall/spin (which would support witness statements). He may have realized what he did or hadn’t pulled the prop all the way into feather or the prop was still spinning just a little and that’s why we see the bending near the hub.

That’s all speculation on my part I am not an expert. In any case it’s very sad.

NTSB Prelim. … 0062&key=1

Checking out the NTSB findings, what are the odds that the eye witness was an FAA inspector and the first on the scene?

I think he might have just stalled and spun. I don’t know, new the the airplane and just flew to slow; unfortunitly it happens.

quote from NTSB prelim***“The engines were recovered from about three feet below the surface. Both propellers’ blades exhibited leading abrasion and were bent rearward.”***
Leading edge abrasion? both props apparently were in feather. Bent rearward.? an indication the motors were not producing and signifigant power…Under power they would have been bent forward.
looking more like the pilot may have pulled the prop levers back instead of the throttles… witness goes on to say “The aircraft continued to slow then stopped flying and stall. The nose and left wing dropped sharply as the plane entered a counterclockwise spin. It made about 11/2 to 2 turns then disappeared below the tree line.” left prop may have featherd first.