N6JR Premier 390A crash at Oshkosh . . . Roush Racing . . .

Being reported as crashed on landing?, news just breaking, but ambulances on scene, aircraft reported as ‘broke in two’.

flightaware.com/live/flight/N6JR … /KYIP/KOSH


FlightAware photo by KB4HAM

FlightAware showing the aircarft departed Willow Run for Oshkosh, but then diverted to General Mitchell Intl., but then canceled diversion and continued onto Oshkosh - where it is reported to have ‘crashed’ in a heavy landing???


Small pictures. Looks a w/o to me. :frowning:

I wonder what they are doing going from Detroit, MI to Oshkosh, WI. Race last week was at Indy, this week is Pocono. Any info who was on board, injuries, etc?

EDIT: I see I was just too late with this post.

Definitely a write-off.

Early reports, Jack Roush was at the controls, landing on runway 18, he aborted a landing attempt, aircraft stalled, hit runway and slid.

Roush received minor injuries to face and leg, one person transported to hospital.

2nd person on board, Roush friend Brenda Strickland, both transported to hospital - both reported as minor injuries.

I always thought that was an ugly jet. Recently, Flying Mag did a story about him and his planes, with a lot of discussion about the one that crashed today. :cry:

pics of Jack and plane

plane: http://www.avweb.com/newspics/osh2010_raytheon-premier-ia-crash_large.jpg

Jack: http://yfrog.com/f/mns2jj/

From the “Nascar Airplanes” thread. . .

flyingmag.com/pilot-reports/ … bout-speed

That’s the one.

Glad everyone’s ok. That was an ugly jet, in my opinion. I don’t know, I guess some people like it? I noticed in the track log that it was in Millville a few days ago. Wonder what it was doing there and if The Cat in the Hat himself (Jack Roush got that nickname because he always wears a Panama hat) was on the jet. Would’ve loved to see the jet. Ok, done rambling now.

There is a auto race track in Milville near the airport.

Roush Performance was at the Garden State 250 at New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville – they won the GS class with Jack Roush Jr. as a co-driver.

I’m glad everyone is OK.

Wonder if any of his drivers were there? Carl, Matt and Greg all fly and have attended in the past.

I think Jack does a lot for promoting the aviation spirit!

CNN video of Roush and others exiting the plane…raw video view discretion advised:

cnn.com/2010/US/07/28/wiscon … rue&hpt=T2

BAD first responder! Unless the occupants were in imminent danger from fire or explosion, not apparently the case here, they should never have left the cabin without first being assessed, and probably immobilized, by EMTs.

If I’m wrong hopefully our several resident smoke-eaters will chime in, but I taught this stuff in both the military and civilian sides and that’s how my syllabuses read.

Well, it looked to me like they (the guy at least) was already up and headed out the door, so by then it would have pretty pointless to try and work on him in that cramped space. I do agree, however, that there is usually way too much emphasis on rapid evacuation unless the thing is on fire. More people are injured on those damn slides than in the crash (on airliners I mean, obviously)

Granted Karl, the guy almost fell out as the door was opened, but it certainly appeared that the responder leaned in and called the woman to the door.

I’m just sayin’, it wasn’t actively ablaze and there was little chance of a fuel related explosion, better for the responder to have asked the folks to stay in place until the EMTs could pass a MK VI eyeball over them and at least ask if they were suffering lower back or neck pain.

I can’t get the video to load on my work computer, but I will check it out at home and get back to you.