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N6JR Premier 390A crash at Oshkosh . . . Roush Racing . . .


Witness stated, aircraft was under full power, even after it crashed and came to a full stop, engines kept running at full power.

thekathrynreport.com/2010/07 … ash-r.html

Jack and the passenger exited from the passenger compartment, so possibly the passenger was in the back - Jack for sure was already up and about - so as the door opened - he just exited.

If I just tore up a jet like that - I’d want out asap - just in case.

TMZ/Getty Image TMZ


Watching the video, here is my insight into the situation.

  1. I would assume there was a fuel spill, given the damage and the initial foaming of the scene, which would add some incentive to move victims quickly.

  2. The occupants may have already been out of their seats, and just trying to get out on their own. If thats the case, I would let them get out, then backboard them.

  3. The video skips, but it almost appears like they were going to board Mr. Roush while standing up, which is a normal way of handling such situations.

In my opinion, it appears the firefighter got the door open and stuck his head in to assess the injuries and damage inside. By then Mr. Roush, and perhaps his passenger as well, were probably already getting out of their seats on their own.


Right, I was just thinking that if he was already up and walking (or crawling?) he would probably have done as much damage as could be by that time. I couldn’t tell from that clip about the lady pax. I wonder, do we know if there was any communication with him either by radio or ‘shouting’ between the crash and the start of this video?

I read somewhere he also has a P51…and that REALLY scares me, somebody needs to take away the keys to that plane before he crunches it too. I never flew one of those Raytheon jets but I have a few hours in a 51 and I’m pretty sure the jet is easier. :wink:


Actually he has two P-51D’s - N51CY, and N551J.

Also has a Piper Cub, Beech 18, and two B727-200’s.


Tom Cruise has a P-51. I can’t see that he would have the skills, but how would I know. I think that when you see guys with the $$$ to buy these planes you assume that they have more money than skill. Maybe, but you never know.


Has it been confirmed that JR was the pilot? It looked like he and the woman emerged from aft of the door and somebody else was moving around in the cockpit while they were exiting. In the still photos of the crash sequence looked more like him in the left seat, slumped over. It sounded like the engines were still running while the firefighter was opening the door.

Is this the first crash of a Premiere? He cracked it wide open!


Yes it has been confirmed Mr. Roush was flying.
Yes he did emerge from the passenger compartment, at that time there was nobody in the cockpit.

Five Premiers have been involved in accidents - all landing mishaps, fortunately there have been no fatalities.

N6JR is the first Premier 1A involved in an accident.

Tom Cruise’s Mustang - owns N51EW his license is listed with the FAA as Tom Mapother.


AH, N51EW has tandem seating. If I were his agent, I’d be happy about that.

(David Lee Roth, Jimmy Buffet, Danny Kaye, (deceased but still funny), Kenny G, all pilots. Travolta has FO authorization only on his 707, at least as far as I could find).

All have lots of $$$. Wonder if Roush will spend some $ and start bringing a safety pilot along? In his defense, though I’ve never done it, they say Oshkosh is not an easy arrival, lot goin on.


Moment of impact in the interior . . . TMZ

Jack Roush is alone in the cockpit, so passenger was clearly riding in the back. Jack is almost 70 years old, that impact had to be an incredible force!!!, and he is very fortunate to have survived, never mind to be listed as ‘Serious - non-life threatening’.

Be interesting to see what he buys next?, third times the charm!!!
Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s on the waiting list for the Premier II.

Wishing speedy recover . . .


I can’t see that he would have the skills

Hey Victor, Tom fly’s F-14’s, you better know he has the skill!
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


The Hornet, I recall seeing 2 on the flight line one day at the base I was stationed at and they really did look like a couple of Hornets waiting to pounce.

I always liked Ice Man better.

Good article in last months “Flying” about flying the P-51. Oh well, I’ll never own one, but who needs the head ache, we don’t need to shoot down Germans any longer. I better stop rambling or the Discussions police will get me.


So with all these pictures detailing the moment of impact, it makes me believe there is a video floating around that they’re getting these pictures from. I’m just making sure no videos of the crash have surfaced yet, have they?


I always liked Ice Man better.



Haven’t seen any yet, but you would think they would have cameras set up all over the place.


Was listening that night to local ATC in Iowa, when a pilot was told OSH was closed. Controller had no idea what or why, but told the pilot it might be smart to divert. I thought on such a nice day, the place would be busy. Dialed up OSH on the web, only to discover at about 7 pm they had long lines to depart, and that the runway had been cleared.

It was nothing short of mayhem with the ground controller sounding like he worked O’Hare after a thunderstorm ground hold, and not OSH. By 8:15 they cut off all departures and closed the tower.

The guy working ground that night deserves a medal.


http://i220.photobucket.com/albums/dd208/robbreid/Nascar.jpg :laughing:


The F-14 is the Tomcat, not the Hornet.


AvWeb.com has audio of the tower communications leading up to the crash. It appears that Jack Roush repeatedly refers to his aircraft as six-Sierra, when it’s actuall six-Juliet-Romeo.
Why would he not know his own plane’s registration?

Sounds like the tower correctly calls it “Premier” (which is what they do at OSH during EAA week - easier to say “cub on downwind, follow the cessna 172” since there are so many arrivals & departures


I haven’t found the audio yet but these pictures are amazing and a testament to the strength of the Premiere’s wing.



Have audio link in ~ Notable Activity/Nascar Airplanes

I read today that the body of this plane is carbon-fiber. Don’t know if that is true or not.