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N6JR Premier 390A crash at Oshkosh . . . Roush Racing . . .


That is true about the carbon. Same with the new, larger Hawkers. He says 6JR but he says JR together so it sounds like Sierra. Controllers were pros!


He is saying “6JR”. He knows his own reg. :unamused:


What ATC were you listening to? My buddy is a controller at Chicago Center and he had that exact conversation with someone. Pilot asked him why Oshkosh was closed, he had no idea, called OSH, and then reported back to the pilot that there had been an accident.


What are the chances the FAA will issue an emergency revocation order of his certificate for the old “careless and dangerous” violation? (sorry, “reckless”


Yeah, uhhh, Jack already crashed a P-51 back in 2002. Seems he flew right into some power lines, thing flipped over and fell into a lake. Big lake. Guys on a fishing boat dove in and pulled him out.

At least this time, he crashed an airplane that was butt fugly. Seems Jack might ought to find a new way to spend his money.


He better not ever restore a DC-6. I’ll whoop his ass.


Not exactly a P-51, he was flying a home built Aircam.

ntsb.gov/ntsb/GenPDF.asp?id= … 086&rpt=fa



Well color me corrected! I had read several reports that it was the Mustang. Thanks for the info.

Loved his quote in the report. “I have no recollection of the accident nor any other incidents…”. Sounds like a real winner to me.


That’s just plain old smarts and experience! He definitely has some lawyer in him.


Hey, maybe Ronnie Raygun ain’t dead after all!




"Not in the left eye. The left eye is gone.’’


"That by itself won’t keep me from flying. I’ve got to decide what I want to do and how I want to do it. Very likely, it will not dissuade me from flying. My passenger actually saw the airplane I was conflicted with on landing approach before I did. I was pilot in command, so I don’t know if would have been different if I would have had somebody else in the airplane.’’


"It was probably the airplane moved to the right once it was on the ground and it was probably the side of the airplane that got it. I was wearing glasses and the glasses lenses is gone out of (the left side). I’ve got some plates and screws in my cheek.’’


"There was a traffic conflict close to the ground as I was making a landing.’’


NTSB Preliminary Report

Report states that the investigators are in possession of a video of the accident.


Interesting premise. I haven’t heard or seen any evidence to support that contention in the press, did I miss something?

Juliet Romeo in happier times (thanks to cfijames):


I gotta think the R stands for Rudolph and not Romeo…



If it wasn’t for bad taste, some people would have no taste at all! :wink:


more new pictures, including an animated gif

jalopnik.com/5614782/new-photos- … e=true&s=i



ZMP Sector 17 and the low alt sectors 36/37 for Northern Iowa/E. Nebraska. They were handling a lot of traffic en-route to OSH all day.

Since the radio is “broadcast” for friends, I usually have the audio backed up, but the 1TB is having issues with the network again, and I have been too lazy to repair it.




Why post 8 years later???