N587X Convair 580 down after departing Columbus LCK . . .

FlightAware Flight Tracker Air Tahoma Convair 580 crashed around noon on Sept 01/08. Currently unconfirmed as N587X.

ssociated Press - September 1, 2008 2:25 PM ET

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - The Federal Aviation Administration says three people were killed when a small plane crashed in a field in central Ohio.

Ohio State Patrol Lt. Tony Bradshaw says the twin-engine aircraft crashed in Pickaway County near the town of Lockbourne after taking off from Rickenbacker Airport around 12 p.m. Monday.

FAA spokeswoman Elizabeth Isham Cory says the plane was headed to Mansfield.

Bradshaw says the aircraft was a 1956 Convair 580 owned by Air Tahoma.

The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the crash.

Rickenbacker Airport, about 16 miles south of Columbus near the border of Franklin and Pickaway counties, serves as a cargo hub and has a charter passenger terminal.

News Update and photo

Convair 580? The tracking link above is showing Canadair CL-66

CL-66 Info that would be a Canadian built Convair 580. Canadair is now Bombardier.

There were only 13 built in Canada, and built as Convair 540’s do to the engines (Napier engines), of those, only 8 survived into the mid 1960’s and were converted to Convair 580’s. (Allison engines).

Of those 8, one was lost in a fire, two were scrapped, the rest are stored and not in flying condition.

According to Wikipedia?, there were 2 CL-66C which were never sold and scrapped, and 12 CL-66B 2 went to Quebecair, and 10 to the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Canadair was owned by the Canadian Govt., so buying all the jigs to build 13 or 14 planes was probably a brilliant govt decision at the time!!! Maybe we could build a dozen Tomcats, that would be kool.

Pictures of the crash site and other scene shots can be had here:


go to “more photos” on the right side of the page there are some in there

Your website included confirmation of the registration N587X, a US manufactured aircraft (1956!)

FAA Registry N587X

This has been discussed before on this forum. One aircraft code (“designator” in FAA speak) can represent several different models of aircraft. FlightAware, because it can only have one decode of the code, has chosen what they feel may be the more popular decode.

The FAA Contractions publication, CVLT has the following three entries:

Designator Type/Wt Class Model Manufacturer
CVLT L2T/L CL66, CV580 (CC109 Cosmopolitan) CANADAIR
CVLT L2T/L CV540/580/600/640 (VC131H) CONVAIR