It amazes me the media are all saying how calm the flt crew of the us airways flight was during their flight. Sorry but is that not what the years of trainng are for? I am not a pilot and I have the utmost respect for all the flight crews. I just do not understand the media???

I expect nothing less of the media. To review:

  • It was reported to be an A380 at one point
  • At another point, is was reported to be a Boeing A320
  • “What was the look on Sully’s face when it happened?”

Shall I go on?

“All the training in the world does not guarantee a crew’s reaction when the shit hits the fan! But it beats having no training hands down.”

Adm. Chester R. Nimitz, USN

It was reported to be an A380 at one point

Do you think the media has any real comprehension of successfully ditching an A380 in NYC? :laughing:

media + comprehension = oxymoron

My favorite was JetBlue 292 circling Los Angeles for 3 hours “dumping” fuel before they attempted their “crash” landing. Does any pilot actually attempt a crash landing?

On another thread: I am just stumped how this ever even happened…