trying to track my plane

I have found the generic flight data under a slightly different tail number

I am trying to see N3516M, the system is displaying it as N3516. While it makes no difference to me what you call it, I would like to see the track data on the screen

What needs to be done?


Bryan Butler

First, welcome to FA.

Second, are you flying VFR or IFR? That makes all the difference.

Is the aircraft N3516 or N3516M? These are two entirely different aircraft.

N3516M is owned by Kirby W. Perry. It appears this aircraft has not flown any IFR flights since June (CLICK ON THE QUESTIONS/ANSWERS LINK above and find out what type of aircraft flight plans are tracked).

N3516 is a registration reserved by Keith Coleman of Olive Branch, MS.

obviously this is another fine example of FAA paperwork not matching the exact owner profile. Kirby is my father in law and he and I were co owners, the FAA system will only post the first listed owner in most instances. As such he is listed here as the “owner”.

Reality is, he just recently sold his share to my new partner who is now “as in I saw him take off and head for M88”. Since the paperwork has not had a chance to clear the FAA system, the pink is the controlling copy.

So while you could have been correct, in reality, N3516 and N3516M are in fact at this moment in time due to the system issue the same exact aircraft.

The question still is out there, what is needed to display on the chart the aircraft, all I am getting is a map with beginning and endpoints, no aircraft depiction

The answer is still out there too. You just have to take a second to find it. Read the FAQ’s You know, the one that can be accessed under the “Welcome to FlightAware, Please read before posting”

Could the pilot flying have cancelled the IFR flight plan? As per the questions/answers section, VFR flights are usually not followed.

It’s helpful to others on the forum if you use URLs when speaking of a specific airport or aircraft. For example: N3516 or or N3516M

The discussion FAQ link above is helpful in showing how to enter a link.

I just read my second post and realized in my zeal to get the words out, they make no sense:

  1. Kirby is the registered owner of N3516M further down on the FAA on line document you will find listed “Other Owners: Bryan C Butler”. This will change when the FAA paperwork process catches up to current ownership which is Registered Owner: Bryan C. Butler = Other Owners - not relavent to this conversation

  2. I found the aircraft listing N3515 verses N3516M by using the system and looking up 11R which is home base to N3516M. The system listed: N3516 owner unknown as flight in process departing when I saw my plane leave, headed to the airport where I know my plane is going. Therefore, I know this plane is in fact my plane. Why the “M” is truncated is not available to me at this time… error on the flight plan? error on the controller who started the flight strip… misspoken N number by the pilot who is currently winging his way to M88, I don’t know and I don’t see that it matters. What does matter to me is that I would like to be able to see the plane as it is flying this trip on the map and I cannot???

So the question still is, why can I see the raw flight data ie, departure time, flight filed altitude 7000, gs 149 and estimated time of arrival and I cannot see the ground track depicted on the side view map?


Did you read my reply about the pilot going VFR?

Regarding the tail number: we just report what is filed. Either the person filing the flight plan or ATC truncated it.

Regarding the lack of positions: I’d guess IFR was cancelled shortly after depature and for some reason we never recieved a cancellation message.

Just so others are not equally mislead about “VFR flights are usually followed”… the above statement is very misleading. Below my name, taken from the FAQ’s (note bolded text I hightlighted).


Can FlightAware track VFR flights? What about a VFR flight with a flight plan? (Back To Top)
Some VFR aircraft with flight following are available on the position maps but it largely unreliable and no arrival/departure/flight plan data is available. VFR flight plans are irrelevant and only used by FSS for search and rescue. We suggest ensuring that aircraft are on an IFR flight plan from wheels up to wheels down for proper tracking.

By leaving out a single word I changed the entire meaing of my sentence. I meant “not followed” and have corrected my original posting.

Funny how negation works.