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Trying to find flight with unusual flight route from 2014

I’m aware there appears to be a pay wall in place to find this stuff but my reason for wanting it would, I guess, pose more of a security issue than a personal one, or both I guess. It’s just I don’t want to push any alarm bells without due reason. However, I have found what happened to be disturbing enough to at least keep me wondering.

Long story short, a flight I was on in 2014 took what I thought to be an odd route over the middle east at what seemed like quite a low altitude, and it flew at this altitude on and off over most of the middle east. Basically if I said that this airline had recently announced they would no longer be flying over the middle east (well, Iraq), and then not only proceeded to do so, but did so by turning sharply south while over Ankara, you might see my concern.

I have also been looking at typical flight routes for this particular plane and they don’t seem to match the route we took on this occasion.

Also, I should note … TBH I fell asleep around Ankara and woke up as we passed over Baghdad.

You are not providing any details.
No airline name. No flight number. Nothing.
Or you want us to start using a crystal ball?