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Flight above countries in state of war

We should fly with Emirates --> Paris-Dubai-Paris at the end of October. Due to events which took place in Ukraine, we hesitate, because planes borrow usually corridors above Syria and Iraq. How I can get beforehand the route of the plane and how I can cancel a flight if the route is not suitable for me?

If you go to Emirates Air website, they list flight cancellations on their front page right under “Operational Updates”.

I have a R/T flight too in late November, Seattle to Dubai and I check the site periodically to make sure there’s no cancellations. One thing it doesn’t mention (or if it does… I haven’t found it yet) is if the flight isn’t cancelled, but the route has changed.

I noticed that when I check FlightAware for the flight I have, the route changes one day, but then it goes back to the original route the next… I’m not sure if that’s routine for that flight, or if it’s because of the ongoing situation in some of the countries it flies over? No clue…

If you learn any more info on where info can be found, post it here so I know too… :smiley: Thanks!

I called an ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation). The response was that we don’t give a special instructions for civil aviation to change route above Syria and Iraq. They said that I have to call French Civil Aviation Organisation. The response was that I have to call my tourism agence for more information. Emirates said me that this route is sure and not dangerous.
This is not the question about cancellation of flight, the question is that nobody receives any lesson from malaysian flight above Ukraine. May be the people have not an equipement to shot in 10000 meters, but it is very incofortable to be in the same sky with a lot of air crafts which bombard the land under you. Besides, the Ukrainian rebels too shouldn’t have had this weapon. Whether it was worth flying over their territory finally to be convinced there is for them such weapon?

Commercial airliners typically cruise at altitudes of 9–12 km (30,000–39,000 ft ) in temperate latitudes of the stratosphere)
Emirate and Others Flight above 35000 feet , +10km above the earth .
After Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 , I do not think if Emirate would like to take a risk .
They’ve been informed of the Danger , and how to avoid them . Is that Simple .
Additional Link : and its free …


Good Luck

Hey ssidibe, Thank you for adding that link ~ :smiley:

I saw another one on here a while back… I can’t recall which post… that allowed you to cut & paste your route (those codes that look like gibberish to me :cry: ) and it showed you which countries you were flying over. So I typed in the route from Seattle to Dubai that I got off of here:

STMSN IWACK J503 YDC PARQE YQU J526 YHY BOTER J477 YCB 7100N 10000W 7330N 09000W LENIM 7700N 06000W 7800N 04000W 7800N 02000W 7700N 00000E 7500N 01000E SDA P65 VANOS A74 PELOR G476 UREPI B958 BD BD3T FV R11 MOR R11 GUSLI M54 TAVRO M54 ADILA N82 ADANO N77 MAGRI UR654 ZAJ R654 SAV UP574 SYZ G666 ORSAR B416 DESDI

But I evidently didn’t do something right because… :blush: …well, because I evidently didn’t know how to do it… :unamused: LOL!

I’ll keep checking that link you gave me and hopefully I’ll figure out where the *@# I’m flying over… After a layover in Dubai, I’m continuing on to the Maldives. Thanks again~

P.s. to ssidibe,

I just played around on that site and it shows you which countries (by route, country name, etc) that you’re flying over.

Ok, too much fun… :mrgreen:

You might try plugging the route into skyvector.com
don’t know how much they cover toward dubai

I watched EK88 flying over Iraq and unassumingly IS controlled areas.

It’s quite strange since Emirates announced in July to stop flying over Iraq (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/transport/10994794/Emirates-to-stop-flying-over-Iraq-due-to-missile-risk.html)

Is this announcement no longer valid?

Wow jg… I hadn’t seen that before, but during the times I was able to pull EK230 aka UAE230 (SEA > Dubai) on the FlightRadar website that ssidibe mentioned on here, it definitely showed it flying over Iran.

For some reason, I can’t seem to get that site to fully work anymore… :cry: I can pull up the flight and see that it’s enroute to Dubai, but only on a list of flights. Not on a map that showed the countries by name like it used to do. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Hey, anyone: Besides FlightRadar, is there any other sites that show that kind of info? I LOVE the way this site (FlightAware) shows you the aircraft in the air, how long its been airborne and the ETA… but to see other than an outline of the countries its flying over, you either have your geography down… or you have to pull out an atlas and try to figure it out. :blush:

BTW~ You guys have all been so informative with all the info here. THANK YOU!!! :0)

And If the original creator of this thread (Barbos60) stops back by… did you wind up taking your trip? If you did, hope you had fun!! 8)