Trouble setting location for new Piaware.

I’m not sure if the issue is connectivity to the Raspberry Pi, or if it is something else, but when I try to set my location I get, “Error: Unable to update. Please contact a FlightAware representative.” Any idea what the issue is?

Possibly related is that when I try to name the new device or send it commands, I am taken to “” which is blank and does not redirect me automatically.

I encountered the same issue yesterday, but it resolved itself after attempting to change it a few minutes later; perhaps it’ll resolve itself for you as well?

It’s still a problem. Does the device need to be connected in order to set location? I’m still trying to get the wifi connected.

I may be missing something, but if the wifi isn’t connected - how are you expecting to get the FlightAware servers to send commands to your Pi.

FlightAware do try to work out where your feeder is - by assuming that it is sort of in the middle of the range of plane positions it uploads. You can then modify / correct that position as long as you don’t try to move it too far in one step … 100km or something. It may need to have fed something to for FlightAware to let you say anything about it. I’d connect it with a wire initially.

go the “statistics” link and then to the “newest” sites link. See if you recognize your site. It will show a “Register” link that might help fix your problem