Travoltas Dogs Killed on Tarmac in Bangor

May 13th @ BIA - More sadness for Captain Travolta and family. Their dogs were taken off aircraft at 01:00 in darkness for a walk. Struck and killed by service vehicle approaching the aircraft. They were probably on a long zip-line type leash? …unknown.

Service vehicles move fast… not expecting to encounter dogs either. They were not being walked by a family member.

They were not being walked by a family member.

Start with that… :open_mouth:

Talk about a bad situation…

Why weren’t they walking the dogs on the grass?

I’m sorry but I don’t feel sorry for Travolta. If you are going to own an animal then you take care of it. Don’t hire someone to do it.

If you had that much money, you would be doing it, also.

No, because I would still be my sweet, lovable self.

Probably because the closest grassy area to the aircraft was a bazillion miles.

Per Satine, the service vehicles were approaching the aircraft, maybe they didn’t get a chance to walk to the grassy area.

If they were parked in the customs area the only grassy area is between the airline ramp and the main taxiway. If they were at the FBO there is grass all around their building.

Travolta and wife are expecting… … y/41026?nc

expecting what?

To be abducted by aliens, duhh!!

…Expecting to get a new dog???

When I first read this I had the image of a Nazi like Customs agent finding the inoculation papers to be out of order and putting the dogs down with his side arm on the ramp.

Will, that was harsh but very witty. :laughing:

It is a very sad event and many of you are being asses. If you’ve traveled with dogs getting them aired does take some work. Having someone else help is not out of the question. I do know people who have hired someone to help with their animals be it race horses or dogs.

When we’ve had a puppy(s) I’ve paid someone to come over 10am to 2pm daily to clean up the run, feed and exercise the puppy. Does this make me a bad dog owner?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Well said Frank.

Perhaps I was a little harsh in my posting and there were extenuating circumstances.

My basic belief still remains: if you own an animal, don’t farm out (no pun intended) its care to someone else.

Can’t see how the outcome would have changed based on who was walking the dogs.

I do. I’m a believer in if this then that.

Who knows? If someone else had decided to walk the dogs, he/she/it may have left a minute later or a 30 seconds earlier or whatever and the dogs would still be around leaving presents on the tarmac.