Transatlantic C172 ferry flight



This is a website that lists what Euro Aircraft Spotters deem interesting aircraft crossing the Atlantic every day.

When you spot an aircraft as you have, you can actually email them with the update. They will add it to their list, and ‘Spotters’ overseas will actually look out for it!


I would love to do that someday. A girl I dated in highschool, her dad delivered a/c for Cessna in the 50’s and 60’s.

Great stories.


Most of these flights stage through St. John’s ( CYYT ) and on to the Azores or Goose Bay ( CYYR ) and on to Greenland / Iceland. They also will stop at Bangor ( KBGR ) and get fitted with extra fuel tanks.

The flight mentioned above must have expected a good tail wind to launch from Halifax. Nice flight track too, must like McDonald’s. :wink:


Great stories about Cessna deliveries can probably go right here. Great stories about the girl you dated in high school belong in the banter thread. I’d like to hear both! :stuck_out_tongue: