Cessna 172 Ferry Flight Bangor Maine to Iceland -N3501G


Enjoying watching a C-172 ferry flight this morning (1/26/06). It stopped in Goose Bay Labrador(CYYR) last night and this morning is heading out over the North Atlantic. Probably will stop in Greenland.

This aircraft has been deregistered in the USA for export to Iceland. It started its journey from Iowa.

Track flight N3501G


At 2:30 PM EST N3501G is east of Greenland and approaching Iceland.
Thats a real adventure - C-172 over the North Atlantic in January!


I worked this rescue attempt from the Iceland side

ntsb.gov/ntsb/brief.asp?ev_ … 0149&key=1


That was a bad day for N4906K with a sad ending.

I can’t tell if N3501G stopped in Greenland. The last data points were apparently HF position reports given sporadically. Looks like he had a good tail wind making 130 kts.

They ferry a lot of aircraft over this route and we only hear when something goes wrong.


N53441 is going across today Jan 30, 2006. Looks like they bought a couple of C-172’s in Iceland.

Track N53441:



N402FG (from KDTW) is another flight going east from Goose Bay. However, it is a jet.



Not necessarily. More than likely they are just using Iceland as a waypoint and the aircraft were sold to customers in Europe, Africa, or western Asia.


The FAA database shows N3501G and N53441 were deregistered in the USA for export to Iceland.




I stand corrected.
In your original posting you didn’t give a source for your statment and that was what I was basing the using Iceland as a waypoint statement on.


It’s very possible that those planes are destined for Europe and beyond. You can’t draw the conclusion that the new owners are from Iceland.

Check out “transshipment”. All we can know is that someone took title in Iceland. That party could have sold the plane anywhere. It’s a fairly routine transaction. Companies like Icelandic Aircraft Management could provide such services. There might be any number of low-profile brokers in Iceland, especially for planes that can’t cross the Atlantic non-stop.


After reading this string,I had to check my notes when I was monitoring HF radio traffic on Tuesday 23 May,I heard 2 commercial aircraft relaying position reports for N2434Z,which was routing St.Johns(CYYT) to Cork(EICK).The aircraft was a Cessna C172 Skymaster on delivery to Germany…this according to the FAA register:

Deregistered Aircraft 1 of 1

Aircraft Description
Serial Number 17281327 Type Registration Corporation
Manufacturer Name CESSNA Certificate Issue Date 05/18/2006
Model 172R Mode S Code 50437040
Year Manufacturer 2006 Cancel Date 05/26/2006
Reason for Cancellation Exported To GERMANY

Actually was rather interesting watching the aircraft on Flight Explorer Pilot Edition,right there in the middle of the Atlantic at 10,000 ft flying below all those “heavies”.



The following

Cessna C172 Skymaster

should be Skyhawk.