TransAtlantic C-172 … dfind.y=12

Flying out St. John’s to Western Denmark. Usually single piston stage out of Goose Bay or Gander and follow North Atlantic route via Greenland / Iceland.

Though I have tracked C-172 on this route before, it is rare.

Does the C-172 really have this range?

Must be a nerve racking flight with just one engine.

Plane still owned by Cessna.

You were tracking one from St John’s to Shannon back in July in this thread
It is still very amazing, thats a lot of miles of very cold water down below. Once again they’re flying after dark too, which is even scarier. Much credit to those guys and gals who make those trips.

That was the last one I tracked! I edited that thread, It seemed I didn’t know how to link anything correctly when I first started posting. :blush:

I helped you out though on that link, later on in the thread.

Have always wanted to ferry SE across the pond. I’m not right am I? Anyway in high school myI dated a girl who’s dad ferried a/c for Cessna back in the 60’s. They filled the whole a/c with fuel tanks, there was only room for him and charts on top of the fuel tank. He didn’t take a change of clothes even.

The way most companies do it is give you a lump sum, and what ever you have left over after all expenses is yours. You can make alot or a little depending on different veriable.

I also know a guy, out of either KDKK or KJHW, that used to ferry Aerostars all over the world, and…he’s a priest no less.

Here is a C-182 to Eastern Denmark same night.

Check out just how far that is. At 130ish kts. That’s a long time. 18hours at 10gph at that altitude??? I’m guessing, so 180gal of fuel minimim. That sounds like fun. Really, I’m serious; I’d do it in a heart beat.

With some serious flight following!

All you guys would be watching me right :laughing:

I looked up the ferry company and asked via email:

Saw your company flight planned a C172 from St. Johns/CYYT to Billund, Denmark/EKBI the other day. Surely there have to be intermediate stops along the way… What route does one use to get across the pond, and does your company do anything to extend the range of a C172?

To which they replied:

The aircraft had a 124 US gallon fuel tankinstalled in Bangor, ME to give it more than 17 hours of range. We frequently fly them nonstop from St. Johns, Newfoundland [CYYT] to EINN, or possibly Jersey, or possibly Billund, Denmark, or Egelsbach, Germany if we have good winds.

:open_mouth: A truly impressive (and anonymous) feat of flying, it reminds me of the early transatlantic pilots back in the 1930s (but with GPS).

I am going to look up in my POH what 124 gallons does to the gross weight of a C172!

Bet the pilot wished he had SELCAL for that flight! 17hrs of constantly listening to HF static with the occasional burst of life from Gander or Shanwick working a milk-run must be hard work alone!

Max gross for a 172r is 2450lbs so let’s say the pilot weighs (well hell I’m around 140 so let’s use that) so we’re at 2310. Subtract 744 for fuel(124x6) that turns out to be 1566. Depending on the airplane, that’s pretty close to the standard empty weight which in my book uses 1639 as an example(once again c-172r). I’m guessin you could get a 172 off of the ground w/ a 5,000’ runway being 73lbs over max gross. Would I try it you ask? No, but I bet you could.
I haven’t even considered the CG the this airplane, so that in it’s self could make this whole thing unreasonable.

The airplane in question above is a 172S, which has a max gross weight of 2550 lbs. The 172S that I fly has an empty weight of 1664 lbs. giving it a max gross of 2548 lbs. with a 140 lbs pilot. I’m guessing that the 124 gallon tank is customized to fit somewhere in the center of the plane keeping weight and balance within limits. Keep in mind every plane has its own weight and balance.

There’s a good chance this particular plane has XM radio.

I guess that would mean I would make it to, well… the middle and the bottom of the Atlantic. : :wink:

Pilot weight would be a big consideration as to flight planning/ routing.

Everyone remove ’ fat ’ images from head, I’m in the 200lbs range. :slight_smile:

Just ditch 10 gallons and lean it out a little more.

Do you mean up chuck my lunch and go on a diet? :wink:

Two more C172’s out of St. John’s tonight.

Almost as bad as a trip my parents took in their 177B. San Diego to Austine to Ft. Myers Florida then down the islands to Maricaibo, and because of the US invasion of Panama, due north to the Caymans, Belize, and up the west coast of Mexico–all with four pax and luggage!

I could swear I read somewhere the faa has a format set up for ferrying aircraft, and allowing a percentage over the gross weight…Does anyone know, considering a 172 with the added fuel, the tank and extra equipment, knowing I’ve flown one at Gross, that’s got to be sketchy on takeoff… Anyone know about the ferrying rule?