Overseas C208 Delivery?

Pretty DAMN long flight for a caravan! Must have ferry tanks, standard range is closer to 900 miles!

Just watching a C 172 from St. John’s to Shannon. Hope they have the wind in their back.

flightaware.com/live/flight/N602 … /CYYT/EINN

Long flight!

What also surprised me is how far north Santa Maria [LPAZ] is. (Without confirming the code, this seems to be Las Palmas, the AZores.) Well, it’s also said that New York and Rome are the same latitude.

11 hours in a Caravan?


Clickable version HERE
Thats incredible! I wonder why both of these flights left in the middle of the night. Wee hours over the north atlantic in a 172 sounds like FUN! :wink:

I wonder who is taking the order? I should call Cessna and find out. 1.800.4CESSNA (1-800-4237762). Office hours are from 8:00 to 4:30 CST Mon-Fri. If nobody is there dial 316-517-6000. I guess nobodies answering so I’ll call back at 8:30. Here are the flights N13162 and N6029G

To maximize daylight enroute and to arrive before sundown.

No globes where you are Toby? :wink:

The Azores are between approx. 37N and 38N, something like Virginia Beach.

All of the UK lies between 55N and 65N. If it wasn’t for the Gulf stream the whole place would be damn near uninhabitable.

As it is now, there are palm trees on the west coast of Ireland!

I wonder what it would be like at FL330 for a Captain in an Aer Lingus Airbus A330-200 in the middle of the Atlanic and his IFR scan, see a Skyhawk below him! I’d like to see the take-back he will do. :laughing:

With the 172 at 11K AGL, I sincerely doubt he’d be able to actually see it.

Is that because it’s over water? I was flying in a AS 734 (SEA-PHX 142) and saw, clearly, a high winger flying in the opposite direction. I can’t say anything about it because I was literally above it (only top view). I didn’t know about FA back then so I can’t say for sure what the altitudes were but I did see one.

Hope he’s got enough fuel for an extra 51 nautical miles! Someone made an error in the filed route:
4600N 05000W
4500N 05000W
4400N 04500W
4300N 04000W
4100N 03500W

His first waypoint after YQY should be 4600N 05500W:

Corrected should be:
4600N 05500W
4500N 05000W
4400N 04500W
4300N 04000W
4100N 03500W

This would be a major problem for Search and Rescue if he went down during the flight. That’s over 11,000 square miles in the triangular area of error.

Now I see something funky goin’ on with his tracking… are there TWO planes filed as N13162. One minute [12:29 - 12:31] he was south of Newfoundland - the next - north of Vermont, and then again south of Newfoundland. It only seemed to happen that one time. Guess someone realized and corrected the mistake…

That WOULD cause a huge problem for S&R if one of 'em did go down.


I dunno, but for an Alitalia 767-300 captain, I think it’d be pretty damned scary! All of the advanced equipment onboard the 172 would shutdown his engines!

Okay - granted the Alitalia thing is getting old, but I just could NOT help myself! This was too great an opportunity to let go. Please accept my apologies if it bored you…

Primarily, along with their ~22K foot vertical separation.

Vertical/horizontal separation and background are the main factors that come into play when attempting to acquire other aircraft during a visual sweep.

Not knowing what the facts were for the example you give it’s impossible to comment on it other than to say that I’ve seen hundreds of passing aircraft while airborne (both commercial and GA) over the years, but I have no doubt that I’ve completely missed seeing far more.

Globes? Those round splotchy things? Well… not in the room with my computer.

I found a good North-Atlantic-crossing map online and, waddaya know, the Azores ARE about the same latitude as NYC (and southern Portugal).

I think with Alitalia it must be a union thing. If flight attendants can’t listen to their iPods during the flight, neither can you.

Something similar happens on Garuda Indonesian flights. If you can sleep during the flight, then so can the flight attendants. (That’s based on personal experience.)

Since when has Las Palmas been in the Azores? :confused: Last time I checked it was in the Canarias. Santa Maria is in the Azores and that’s the airport you’re referring to (LPAZ). Las Palmas is GCLP.


OK class, for extra credit, what are the Canary Islands named for?

No fair Googling!

Is it where the Warner Brothers discovered the talents of Tweety Bird?

Okay, I know the answer - and I DIDN’T use Google! I used Yahoo! :wink: I won’t spoil it for the rest of you…

Were you surprised by the answer?

It’s truly amazing how much we all know that’s completely wrong.