Longest and Shortest scheduled flights


As far as i know:
Worlds Longest Flight: SQ20, Singapore Airlines A340-500, Singapore-Los Angeles,
Spanning roughly 8,750miles (14,080Km) Taking 16hours to fly to the USA and 18 hours back

Shortes flight: British Airways flight 872, Westray-Papa Westray, Scotland, taking just 2 minutes, (aircraft unknown) anybody know any longer or shorter flights than is?


Singapore has flown to Newark on the A345 as well, but I don’t know if the routing makes it longer than the LAX flight or not.


It’s operated with an Islander and the operator is actually Logan Airways. Although Logan does code share with British, I don’t think this flight falls under that.

You can find the Papa Westray/Westray flights by clicking on the above link then choosing Flight Information and finally clicking on Orkney Schedules.


Could we include a flight that brings you across the International dateline.

Your local time could be " Yesterday!"


Yep, can relate, though not by date, but by time.

I used to fly from KCLE to KORD and thei itinerary would show I arrive 2 minutes sooner then I left due to crossing time zones :slight_smile:



Try the first flight I took by myself as a kid. Had it not been summer time, the flight would have left Yuma, AZ, and arrived at El Centro, CA about 40 minutes earlier. (During the summertime, there’s no stupid daylight savings time in Arizona so California and Arizona are, for all practical purposes, in the same time zone.)


Here are the distances calculated with the help of a cool site gc.kls2.com (Great Circle Mapper)

From WSSS (0121’01"N 10359’40"E) To KLAX (3356’33"N 11824’29"W) 44 (NE) 8770 mi
From WSSS (0121’01"N 10359’40"E) To KEWR (4041’33"N 7410’07"W) 357 (N) 9535 mi


I track at SIA21 EWR flight frequently and the LAX flight is, I think, a little shorter. SIA21 ranges from a 17.5-18.5 ETE. I saw an 1836 ETE once. As I recall, the SIA37 is about 16ish.

flightaware.com/live/flight/SIA37 (LAX-WSSS)
flightaware.com/live/flight/SIA38 (WSSS-LAX)
flightaware.com/live/flight/SIA21 (EWR-WSSS)
flightaware.com/live/flight/SIA22 (WSSS-EWR)


i know the westray-papa westray is loganair i just put it under BA as they have the same logo design and loganair is really a subsidary from ba, a bit like with Go (which easyjet took over) but is the A340-500 still in use? Cos i thought Singapore was phasing the A340’s out in favour of the B777’s


Anyone know of a shorter USA domestic flight?


AFAIK, they’re still flying them to EWR and LAX. Their only 777 flights into the US that I know of are to SFO (777-300).


BLI/SEA is short.
There are many flights within the USA state of Alaska that are short, although I don’t have any segments handy.
Then, there’s MKK/LNY and MKK/HNl in the USA state of Hawaii that are fairly short, also.
MKK: Molokai
LNY: Lanai
BLI: Bellingham
SEA: Seattle/Tacoma


I assume you mean Part 121. If not, then there’s Amflight and AirPac. They fly all over Washington and can have very short flights.

Kenmore Air operates Cessna 208s.


Not sure how short the HI flights are but here are some of the shorter routes in CA:

San Diego to LAX - 15 minutes…

Oakland to San Francisco - 2 minutes…
flightaware.com/live/flight/FDX2 … /KOAK/KSFO

Burbank to LAX - 11 minutes

Santa Barbara to LAX - 21 mins
flightaware.com/live/flight/SKW6 … /KSBA/KLAX

The solution to the traffic problem?? No Bay Bridge toll??.. Just fly over it!! :unamused:


2 minute flight using a MD-11??? that don’t seem right


It’s obviously just a repositioning flight, not a vital cargo route.


oh yea didnt think of that, sometimes i don’t think thats my problem!


I dunno. Have you ever tried to get across the Bay Bridge during rush hour? There just may be a market for OAK/SFO cargo service.


I have noticed flights from GYY (Gary Indiana) to KORD, or to RFD in a 757 under Ryanair (?). The GYY-ORD was 8 minutes.
What are these flights? Is Ryanair a mail or cargo run? I also see Ryanair doing ORD-ORD at times, are these training or service inspection flights?
Thanks for any info, quite curious.

Neil 8)


Ryan International is a charter operator. Currently, their web page is under reconstruction.