Your longest nonstop flight

What was your longest nonstop flight?

Mine was KORD to KMIA. As you can see i don’t do much flying.

EDDF (Frankfurt, Germany) to KIAD (Washington, DC) - about 9 and a half hours in the air. Did it twice.

IAH-LGW (London Gatwick).

EDDF - CYVR 14 hours

Oxford Ohio to Johnson County Executive in Kansas City. 4.5 hours in a 172. Coulda pushed on but my I drank a little too much water before I took off.

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I had a water bottle but I didn’t think my friend would appreciate that very much.

LHR to Beijing. (I’ll never fly coach again internationally, even it it WAS a freebie!)

EWR to SFO to Saigon (With a diversion to Naha when an engine and nacelle fell off our 707 due to CAT wing overstressing! Aircraft was replaced three days later and we continued our trip.)

Tokyo to Frankfurt-Main (Thankfully, I was in a medically induced coma!)

LAX to Narita was a recent NWA first class cakewalk!

Longest for me is just EWR-LHR, most of my traveling has been domestic.

My friend at school, however, lives in Hong Kong so he makes the EWR-HKG CO flight 4 times a year (twice there, twice back), and makes me very jealous with his stories about the old Kai Tak approach. :slight_smile:

Mine was EWR to HNL. It took about 11 hours that day I believe. Luckily it was on COA15 and they usa a 767. We had the bulkhead seats in the small cabin right behind first class. Actually had to stretch out to be able to touch the wall in front of us.

747 to Hawaii nonstop from Chicago.

KPBI TJSJ, Many times in Twin Commanche with tip tanks. 6 hours, High and lean. about 1000 nm.

When I flew corporate, KCMH-SKCL (Cali, Columbia). 2209nm which was CLOSE to the max range of a SBR65. Took about 6 hours @ .64 Mach.

Then we would continue SKCL-SACO (Cordaba, Argentina) which was 2197nm. Was easily a 16 hour duty day with 12 hours flying.

Did that everyother month.

Here’s what the route looks like

Also did this trip everyother month. KCMH-LOWW (Vienna, Austria) which was longer but had shorter legs.

Boy I miss those trips.

My shortest trip was KCMH-KOSU. Yep, 11nm. And I had to seat there all day. The owner wanted to make on entrence. He could have drove faster. Oh well, lots of money.

My longest were CLT-SEA, CLT-SFO, FLL-LAS

KCLE-KPIT. (Kidding) I **have **flown that 24-minute ascent and descent, though. Having been transportationally deprived most of my life, my longest flight was a shorty by comparison to others here: CLE-CUN; a little over 3 hours. I’ve flown nonstops to Florida more times than I can count.

As a passenger London(Heathrow) to Singapore.

As a pilot - a tie - Morristown-St.Catharines, divert to Elmira due to icing. (Cherokee); Oakland to Orange County long routing due to SFO traffic then interminable vectoring in the LA Basin (Skyhawk).

Tokyo to Frankfurt-Main

I wonder what routing this flight would have taken? and when?

It would have been pretty circuitous as they wouldn’t have been allowed to overfly any Russian territory.

It was in 1968.

IAD-CDG in 1999 when i was 7