Shortest Flight


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What was your shortest flight?

Here is a very short airline flight:
Pullman, WA to Lewiston, ID


Mesaba Airlines, KMSP to KSTC


The now defunct Great Pains, I mean Great Plains Airlines, TUL-OKC


BNA-ATL many different times


Comair KDAY - KCVG




United Express…Los Angeles (LAX) to San Diego (SAN)


Air Creebec ( CRQ )

Flight 841

Fort Albany Ontario to Kashechewan Ontatio.

5 minute scheduled flight across the Albany River.


USAir IAD-RIC-PHF. Talk about baby steps! Something got mixed up with my connection at Dulles, and I got switched over to this flight that stopped in Richmond first. The equipment was a BAC-111.




IAD > PHL and back. These were actually my first flights on an airliner. Flew on an L-1011 to PHL and a 707 back to IAD.


Our airline used to fly Fresno to Visalia and back to consolidate service to LAX. Lots of times for fun, I would grab the kids and take the hop to kill a few hours (minutes) out of a Fresno day. Plus, we get to see our house!!! :smiley:


Shortest airline flight: OK Air (Oahu Kauai Airlines) from Lihue to Princeville (flight continued to Honolulu).

Shortest flight period: UH-1 Huey. A extreme rainstorm hit while we were leaving field exercises on Oahu when I was in the National Guard. The road was very muddy and steep so the soldiers in trucks were unloaded when they got to a very steep portion of the muddy road and loaded into the Hueys. It was about a 2 minute flight to get us past the bad spot. (The unit I was in was an aviation support unit utilizing Hueys)


EFD-IAH (15 miles)

Continental no longer runs this one. It used to be used by mileage collectors to add segments for quicker elite status. They really didn’t charge anything for it, so even people who lived closer to IAH would sometimes use it. I believe the primary idea was to help people in South Houston use CAL flights out of IAH rather than competitor flights out of HOU.


my shortest flight was from ORD-RFD…took us about 15 minutes


Commutair From BTV-PBL or vise versa it goes both ways. About 6 minutes on a Raytheon 1900D.
Short Flight
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It finally dawned on me what the 1900 looks like. The way the nose is compared to the rest of the aircraft, it appears to be a Guppy wannabe. Also see this picture.


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