Shortest Airline Flights in the U.S.A.


What are some of the shortest airline flights in the United States? Here is one that I found.


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Taking “airline flight” to mean all scheduled airlines (cargo, passenger, small aircraft, large aircraft, etc.) here’s a few (airport decodes at end)
PHMK/PHLU (this is the shorted flight I found. It’s 5 minutes)

The following are operated by US Helicopter. The flights don’t usually show up in FlightAware

There are many flights of less than 15 minutes within the state of Alaska. Check the schedules of Frontier Flying Service and Bering Air, for examples.

Very short flights in the past have included KOAK/KSJC, KOAK/KSFO, and KSFO/KJC. All were operated with jet aircraft as large as the DC-8 and B720.

PHMK: Molokai, HI
PHNL: Honolulu, HI
PHLU: Kalaupapa, HI
PHOG: Maui, HI
KJRB: Downtown Manhattan Heliport, New York City, NY
KTSS: East 34th Street Heliport, New York City, NY
KEWR: Newark, NJ
KFJK: JFK Airport, NY


See? I go research my facts so some people don’t get upset and then NeedleNose comes along while I’m doing the research and tells us about the previous thread. :slight_smile:

I did look through that thread and it reminded me that I forgot add AMF flights in California. They have one scheduled flight that is even shorter than the PHLU/PHMK flight I mentioned. It’s KHWD to KOAK (that direction only). When you are above one of the airports, you can see the other. The distance is 7 statue miles (PHLU/PHMK is 9 statue miles)


Is the 2 minute flight time between KOAK-KSFO on a FedEx MD-11 accurate? If so this one might win the prize.


I have the feeling that this is more of a weekly positioning flight than a flight that is actually carrying a load. Kalitta Air has a similar flight from JFK to EWR:



I neglected to check the history on FDX26. By the way, I like the new avatar.


Thanks. Pan American World Airways was a great airline when Juan Trippe ran it. Too bad they are no longer with us.



“Alright Folks. Today’s flight is 2 minutes. Factor in the 1 hour delay at each airport and the total flight time is around 2 hours and 2 minutes. Weather may increase this delay!”


N35AX on sep 16th. SDL-PHX


Not an airline.


Our 757 repo to IAD in the a.m. does this count?


I would put it in the same category as FDX026 from OAK and SFO and CKS208 JFK-EWR: scheduled flight that doesn’t use a charter or ferry flight number and probably isn’t carrying anything.

Is there any way you can find out if FDX does carry lower priority cargo on FDX1557 or FDX26 or do the flights really go empty.


Our repo is a most often ballest pallet only…prob. same for 026 since it is an MD-11…prob put in door position 2L.


They were a great airline. But they went the way of Braniff, Eastern, TWA, and so many others.


Because they didn’t know how to operate post deregulation.


This much quoted message must continue! How much of TWA’s demise could be attributed to Flight 800 in 1996?


Not to get too off-topic, but I think Flight 800 had very little to do with it.

However, Flight 800 does offer some very important evidence - it was a 747-100 on JFK-Paris. By this time most of their competition had switched to twin engine aircraft on routes like that and had significant cost savings as a result. At that time TWA was one of the smaller legacy carriers in terms of ASM’s and Destinations yet flew two versions of DC-9, the MD-80, 727, 757, 767-200, and 747-100 and -200. This fleet was far too complex for an airline that size. They did attempt to address it during 1999 and 2000 by paring their fleet to the 717, MD-80, 757, and 767, but at that time they also shrunk their airline to focus on the St. Louis hub. While a nice hub, they were forced to compete on virtually every non-local route with AA and UA at ORD, NW at MSP and DTW, DL at CVG, UA at DEN, and AA at DFW. They had virtually no destinations (other than STL) to which they provided the best and most convenient service and they had a growing WN at their only hub. In addition, STL was poorly positioned to serve the international markets that they had become known for and their few remaining international routes left out of JFK no longer had any flights feeding them.

This put them at a significant competitive disadvantage.


Well EEXXCCUUSSEE me. My apologies for not being perfect.


I think our KDAY-KCVG is one of the shortest in the continental United States. … /KDAY/KCVG