Christmas Search for missing Aztec N2484R KFXE

FlightAware Flight Tracker a 1981 Piper Turbo Aztec F N2484R.

Aircraft was just recently sold, and was flying yesterday from KFXE to KMPV with two persons on board.

A corporate jet picked up emergency transmissions and relayed them to FAA, who notified USCG. Aircraft was reported to be descending at 1200 fpm at an altitude of 2000 feet, 10 miles from land - after losing both engines - when it was last heard from.

Location; Click Here about 10 miles northeast of Acklin Island, Bahamas.

A USCG search currently ongoing including a Hercules from Tampa, a Falcon Jet from Miami, and a Jayhawk helicopter stationed in Turks and Caicos.

If anyone has further info please post.

Search is still on going. Now more than 24 hours.

Aircraft had just changed hands, the new owner Travis Compton along with Bancroft Nyack were en route to Grenada.

Unconfirmed at this time, Travis Compton is a Grenadian Citizen and presumably was taking his newly purchased aircraft home.

This 1981 Aztec was the third last Aztec ever built and had less than 5000 hours on the airframe.

Assuming that years fuel system worked like the earlier model fuel systems you can dump fuel overboard if the levers are set incorrectly.

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If both engines quit at the same time then Yes we would suspect fuel exhaustion or the fuel tranfer valves both failed.

1200ft per minute is quite a decent though, I would have expected something more like 200fpm if trimmed out

Just to keep the facts straight - Travis is also a US citizen and flies for United Airlines, ATP with about 8000+ hours flight experience.

Yes, it seems the two on board are cousins, Travis Compton (44) of Miami flies for UAL out of Washington DC. Bancroft Nyack (30) was his cousin and is from Grenada. Nyack is also a pilot.

If anyone has any updates on the search, rescue, etc., please post.

Sun-Sentinal news story

The Kathryn Report one of the best aviation blogs.

Would just like to thank Kathryn for the extra effort today in getting the word out today regarding this accident, a special thank you to Marc at the Sun-Sentinal who went a long way today, and learned a lot about airplanes!!

And especially to David, who was the last person to speak with N2484R and passed on the messages.

I know there were several calls made to FAA, and USCG, and family members today to assist in this ongoing search.

Thanks to all.

I was Captain on Continental Flt 1751 on 24DEC & acted as relay between Miami Center and N2484R. We were working w/MIA Center on our way up the island chain, just north of Providenciales when we overheard a conversation with the Piper Aztec N2484R. The pilot was speaking of an engine control problem. I remember the pilot in command was so controlled and relaxed in his transmissions with MIA Center. He informed Center that he was descending from 8,000 ft to 3500 feet which apparently put him below radar coverage and radio contact. MIA requested we act as a relay for them. We asked him if he needed any help and he replied that he didn’t. We moved further up the chain and changed frequencies.
After arriving in Houston, I was informed by our Chief Dispatcher that MIA ATC had forwarded a thank you for our help. I proceeded to get a telephone number for MIA Center and called to see if any further news was forthcoming. They told me that from our position reports that they were sending the Coast Guard out to search for them. He stated that apparently the aircraft had lost power in both engines, but they were able to reestablish power in one engine, but then they lost that again and they were forced to ditch. I asked the center chief to please keep me in touch with whatever new news that might be forthcoming. I received a voicemail this morning (Saturday Morning) @ approximately 10am (Arizona time) that no wreckage had been found and that the Coast Guard had suspended search and rescue operations.
I hope that if anyone hears of any further updates, that they plz post it as I am very concerned. I spent a few restless hours since wondering about these two gentlemen.

I fly in that area all the time and have contact with several of the locals in Provo, FXE is also my base. If I hear anything I will PM you.

My prayers are with your families and as a former USCG Falcon crew member I know that everything that can be done by the Coast Guard is being done.

I have forwarded the link from this website to pilots on Long Island Bahamas. They frequently fly through the area.

I live in Miami and if there is anything I can help with, please let me know.

Lowell Kuvin

copy to: Stella Maris Inn, Long Island Bahamas

Travis Compton is my wifes cousin. I just got off the phone with Miami Coast Guard. 7400 miles and 50 hours of searching produced nothing. No debris field or fuel. The search has been suspened indefinatley. Should you wish to contact her directly please feel free to email

Ken Cordero

Hi guys, I went to school with Bancroft in Grenada and I know his family, so this has hit me pretty hard. If anyone here hears anything, please email me: dbain2k at


Though the search was officially ended this morning I continue to urge anyone traveling in the area to be aware of our two missing aviators.

Is it at all possible that they could have made it to a nearby island after radar contact was lost as they went to a lower altitude? Its so odd that no wreckage was found.

Anything is possible?, we have no answers at this point, just questions and hope.


Hey Robert I Have been tryin to get you to contact me. My name is Michael. I am Bancroft’s brother-in-law. Can you e-mail me at

The water in that area can be very deep that might account for the lack of wreckage.
The island theory is plausible but all the islands in that area have people living on them, not heavily populated but they do have people, and phones…

Any new news on this apparant ditch/crash?

There is no official news to update. Local agencies in Bahamas, fishing boats and aviators are aware of the missing aircraft and continue to keep an eye out for anything.

If I hear anything at all, I will update.

:cry: Hey guys, I was a close friend of Bancroft and I live in Trinidad. What I would like to know is why on the Flight Aware Tracker it shows that the aircraft departed Fort Lauderdale airport at 8:32 am and 3hrs 32mins later it arrived at Providenciales Intl Airport?. Then according to the track lines drawn on the system, there is a line actually showing that they left Fort Lauderdale and arrived in Providenciales Intl, but yet theres is another one after drawn as if the aircraft departed Providenciales Intl and made it to just after Plana Cays before dissappearing?
And according to the News they never made it to Providenciales Intl in the first place.
=( ??? :question:

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