Unusual flight for COA1041


I was just keeping an eye on the goings on at KSAN, trying to figure out if the arrivals were making it in on the 27 loc, when I saw this flight pop up over Mexico, about 10-15 miles south of the border, on a north heading. It then appeared to make an approach to Tijuana or KSDM (they are a mile from each other). It got down to about 900’ and then started climbing out again. Last I saw of it, it was at 5900’ SSW-bound, still just south of the border near the coast. That’s been 20 minutes now. The flight is supposed to be KSAN-KIAH, but the track never had it out of KSAN. It’s a crappy IFR morning here, and I really hope nothing happened. I’ll see what I can find out and post more when I can.
flightaware.com/live/flight/COA1 … /KSAN/KIAH


Just as I posted the above, the flight came up again, and this time it appears to be a nice normal POGGI1 departure out of KSAN. So now I’m thinking some other plane south of the border put the wrong code into the squawk box, and the Tijuana guys didn’t pick up on it til someone at the San Diego tracon saw it… I was wondering why the speeds were a bit low. Probably wasn’t even a jet down there. That’s my guess anyways.