N656BC per Flightaware Registration is a Diamond DA-40. I noticed it when looking at local airspace traffic this morning.

It is supposedly travelling from MUVT (Hermanos Amerijas, Cuba) to SXC (Catalina Island?). Odd and a long distance for a single engine piston. There have been similar trips before.

Any ideas or information on this DA40? Just curious. Hope CIA doesnt come visit me.



VTU is the first clue. It is the IATA code for MUVT but it is also the 3 letter code for the Ventura VOR. One of FA’s failings is when a controller puts in something like VTU instead of an airport the Flight Aware software assignes the IATA code as the departure airport.


Thanks. That explains a bit of how this might happen. And it better coincides with the flight segments times (34 minutes). However why is the flight being shown moving all the way from Cuba, across Texas (where I saw it) and is still “in the air” around CA right now. The icon is different than most as it in outline of a plane versus a solid plane.

Curious. Thanks for helping.


The flight was likely a VFR flight. The map you see shows an estimated postion not an actual radar position. And finally because it is VFR the controller may, or may not, enter an “arrived” code to the ATC computer. If not then the FA software doesn’t know it landed and will continue with an estimated position seemingly forever.