A bug with Oxnard?

Not sure if this is the case, but it appears that I’ve noticed a lot of flights originating from the area of Oxnard, which are identified in flight tracker as coming from Las Tunas (MUVT). At first, I thought this was how it was filed by the registered owner, but it seems to happen with multiple aircraft on multiple routes, all from what appears to be the same location. Is this, by chance, a bug that affects this airport. I still don’t necessarily understand all of the intricacies of filed flights, but it seems a bit odd to me that so many flights from a single location would be affected in this way.


It’s just awfully strange that there are so many short flights from Cuba that happen to come from the same part in California. Just sayin’.

Those are most likely IFR pickups in the vicinity of the Ventura vortac, which is VTU.

The vortac is in Point Mugu’s Approach Control airspace. That could be one of the reasons the “popups” like this happen so often, since Point Mugu handles instrument arrivals and departures from Camarillo and Oxnard. Maybe Point Mugu and the FAA interface isn’t so good. Maybe, since I’m only guessing.

I just don’t understand why it so often places the flight as originating in CUBA! It’s a strange thing, how that happens.

VTU is the Ventura VOR and also the IATA code for Las Tunas airport. The FAA isn’t clear to us which the flight is originating from.