Tracking Question


I was tracking a flight for which a flight plan was filed and the actual flight showed up on flight aware, and the flight DID take place between the origin and the destination, but did not show up on here as having taken place. The reason I know the flight took place is because the aircraft flew over my residence 10 minutes before the same scheduled flight was due to leave it’s origin.

I know this sounds confusing and it may even be a stupid question, but I did not see it covered in the FAQ’s section of FlightAware.



What is the tail number of the flight?



tail # was N951AL, and this morning it was gone off the list altogether.


This is an Airlift Northwest helicopter. I don’t think they file IFR very often. This one shows the last time was 42 days ago. They may very well show up on the local map if the controller puts them on there to watch them. We have seen this before with Skyking showing up as “TV5” or something. Maybe CitationX knows more.

Airlift Northwest’s fixed wing aircraft are mostly Lear 35’s with EF tail numbers. They are operated by Executive Flight based in Wenatchee. They also operate some Commanders. They have blocked most of their N#'s.


Yeah, I’ve noticed that a lot of their flights do not show up there. Every now and again you will see one of their RW appear. I was just curious because I have met some of their pilots and I’ve enjoyed learning basics from them about the helicopter and such.

Thanks for the info regarding my question. :smiley: