Tracking Question


Can you track a KC-135 there was one at the airshow and someone told me that it was leaving today but i’m not sure about the time or the destination. It did however say New Hampshire on the tail.




There are those damn FAQs again…

I swear, those things do NO good at all!!

please note 100% sarcasm!!!


Nitro, Nitro… I thought we taught you better than that. I know it was only a momentary lapse of memory that caused you to forget that military are not (usually) tracked.


I didn’t think that it would be military because they go to different airshows so I thought that it could have been tracked. :blush:


I doubt we saw it, but we have seen some military jets (ICE21 comes to mind), so if you can tell me the aircraft type code for a KC-135 I’ll check the database.


I don’t know the code infact I don’t really understand what you mean. :blush:


The FAA has a four letter/number code database for airplanes.


Boeing 737-800, B738
Airbus A319, A319
Cessna 182 Skylane, C182
Diamond 40, DA40

You can use these codes to search for aircraft being tracked by FA here.
Also, when filing a flight plan, you use this code to identify the type of aircraft being flown. You will also see after this four letter/number code, a “/” with a letter after it. This letter lets the FAA know what equipment you have on board. /G=GPS on board /A=DME, transponder with mode S, + (something I’m forgeting). You get the idea.


A better site for encoding and decoding aircraft codes is - select Publication 7340.1. I’d recommend downloading the PDF version for easier access. This publication also shows the codes and callsigns for airlines and other aircraft operating agencies.

In FlightAware if you put the cursor over the aircraft suffix (e.g. /A) you will get a pop-up showing what the equipment is.