Tracking Maps Aren't Working

There appears to be some problem with the tracking maps, e.g. airport maps and maps showing the route of individual aircraft. They aren’t displaying. I have used multiple computers and multiple web browsers. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

I Would think Flightaware have been asked not to show any due to todays date 9-11

If that is the case its over the top paranoid…

Mike D

We’re aware and working to correct it.

We’re aware and working to correct it.

Thank you. I wanted to be sure it wasn’t a problem on my end.

The maps seem to be working now. Thanks for getting this corrected. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Many thanks …its up and running now OK …you do a great job thanks

Mike D

This is still broken for me.
It appears that for any flight more than about 90 days old, it plots the track of the oldest flight in my list.
Previously (yesterday), it was plotting the most recent flight for all those over 90 days old.


Symptoms on my end have not changed since my post in the above thread.