Map showing wrong track on old flight

When I pull up one of my old flights from May 26th, the map shows the track from the most recent flight.

Flight KUXL - KCLL

Thanks for all the hard work down in Houston,

ps It seems to be a consistent error prior to 18Jun08. The flights after then appear normal.

It’s not just your flight… looking into it. … /KDMW/KBKW to add to the list.

Seems to have jumbled up my last flight into it?

My flight on 3/27/07 into Dulles to see the A380: … /KOKV/KIAD

Showing the plane’s last flight on 8/24/08

I take it there has been no luck resolving this yet…

Interesting display maybe related to missing track lines?? … /KDMW/KBKW contains 3 different flight plans all munged into one map.

I like the display showing overall trip, but would also be nice to see the track lines between waypoints of the over all trip. :wink:

Track line in the above link is last flight on Saturday.

I’ve seen this happen a few times, myself.

You know it’s funny as I posted it originally, but it didn’t have the three flight plans when I orignally posted it. It had just the DMW to BKW leg going on memory with my latest track showing in MS. No other airport annotations.

Today, I saw it had all of my legs from separate flight plans munged in the whole map figured to bring it up in this thread. How it intermingled three separate flight plans is weird…

Any update on this issue??

This has been resolved.