Plotting problem for older flights


For small aircraft (e.g., N80377), and maybe larger ones also, the plots of their flights are correct for recent flights, but for any flights over 90 days old, the plots are of the oldest flight in the list. The data logged for these older flights is correct, but this is not what is being plotted.


Hey mwilkens

Previously reported…

See … 0614#60614


I certainly hope that your comment about this problem having been previously reported does not deter them from looking into it, since that previous report was incorrectly placed in a different topic.

I was hoping to alert Staff to this particular problem, and also to provide them with some details about what appears (to me) to be going wrong.

You see, the previous post to which you refer was reporting a different problem which Staff said they were working on, after which there were two posts saying that that particular problem had been fixed.
I wouldn’t expect Staff to continue to monitor topics like that to see if any different problems had been reported in it, would you?

I suspect that they are pretty busy, and it just seems to me that posts saying something like “nothing has changed since my last post at page xxx” which causes them extra time to navigate to, where they then find a comment like “Seems to have jumbled up my last flight into it” would not be as helpful as a single post that describes a problem and supplies some concrete details. Just my humble opinion…


Before chastising me, did you even bother to read the thread and prior thread provided in my post to you???.

Try rereading the thread and go to … 9049#59049 (SCROLL UP)

I don’t think I could have been more specific in describing the problem AND giving a concrete data point (a specific flight). In otherwords, I did exactly what you said above.

My point being is that the problem you described has been previously reported and your description in your newly created thread (this one) is nothing different then what was provided in the previous reports.


Thanks for the report, we’re aware of the problem.


Thank you STAFF, I feel better knowing that YOU are aware that there is still a problem.