Tracking Failures


Flightaware has been consistently accurate in tracking my flights for years, but in the last week it has been missing flights or dropping tracking. 4 May, approx. 1230Z, HPN-ITH N761LM, there was no tracking at all. 11 May 2320Z, HPN-LEW, NGF1LM, tracking ceased at the approximate point of handoff from N90 to BDL approach control. 12 May 0115Z, LEW-HPN, N761LM, there was no tracking. In past weeks, these HPN-LEW-HPN fligthts were tracked with only some localized problems in PWM airspace.


We found the problem with the May 4 flight, I’ve opened a ticket with the dev team to get it fixed.

I’ll also have them look into the other issues.


Thank you!