Tracking issues


Not sure if this is my machine, but for the past week or so tracking on the planes (specific flight) is off; either shows double images of the flight location (ex. UAL88 on July 18, 2012) or flight locations for the company (ex. Polish LOT) showed flight in Africa instead of Europe. Is there ongoing issue with the mapping?


We’re able to produce the UAL88 issue - wow, that’s crazy. We’ve got the mapping team looking at it.

Can you provide any examples of the Polish LOT issue?


I am seeing tracking issues also with the Qantas QF12 from LA to Sydney with FlightAware on an iPhone. The 19-Jul departure shows the flight having arrived after 34 min, even though it is currently still in the air. The flight track log also looks odd.

The data for the Wed departure of the same flight is incorrectly stating a 22 min duration.


I dont know if it is the same issue, but I see double flight when on a specific tracking page.

SIA12 inbound to LAX right now.

It looks like one is the image at time or page refresh then the other plane keeps moving (projected flight path)