Tracking a specific tail #

I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. US Airways has an A319 painted in the livery for this team, N733UW but the flight eludes me. How can I learn when the aircraft will return to NYC? I have tried so often to photograph it. I thought Flight Aware could help.

It was at LGA twice yesterday and twice on the 3rd

And is enroute DCA-LGA right now:!/2013-05 … 16/AWE2188

Well now I’m totally confused, shows as once a day late-evening departure, not right now. I looked at some other theme planes of theirs, 744P & 742PS and they don’t show scheduled flights for today, so in regards to the original question it would be the airlines fault for not providing the tail info.

Perhaps they’re out for B check? As an FYI 2188 is a Shuttle flight number and you tend to see the logo jets on those routes more often than not. I have thought seen them all in PHL and CLT from time to time.