Tracking down a particular aircraft

How would I find out if a particular aircraft will be flying into my home airport. I am talking about US Airways tail number N733UW.


Not sure… I don’t think you’ll be able to track any airliner’s tail number, just the flight number… maybe someone knows where/how?

BTS posts that information online about 2 months after the flight.

Guess that I’ll have to go to the airline.

They rarely know more than a few days in advance what specific aircraft will fly a particular route.

I would have thought that was all laid out well in advance.

The fact that an unknown aircraft will fly a route on a particular day at a particular time is determined well in advance, which aircraft out of the fleet will actually make that flight can change right up to the point of actual departure.

There are so many things that can occur between planning and an event that can change due to weather, equipment availability due to scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, other flight segment requirements, etc., that a dispatcher may not be able to schedule a specific aircraft with any certainty until just a few days, and sometimes only a few hours, before a specific flight departs.

Not to mention, the security aspects of the question you are asking…I’m guessing they are not just going to tell someone “This a/c tail # N… will fly that route today”. Just throwing that wrench in the mix.

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I wonder what US charges to talk to you on the phone, research your question and provide the answer? $25 per minute?

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WHY exactly would you need to know the N# for a trip you are going on? I’m just saying if you were right now to call an airline and ask for that info, you might raise some flags…anyone want to correct or afirm that?

Are you saying this is not so in Canada?

In this case, the OP is interested in the PAINT SCHEME of this particular aircraft - perhaps he’d like to know when it’s coming to his city so he can get pictures. What is so devious about that? I’m sure the airlines have gotten a few calls of this nature.

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But, back to the topic. I agree with NeedleNose. I would love to be able to know in advance the aircraft that is scheduled for a particular flight. In my case, it might cause me to rearrange my travel schedule if I know that, for instance, Southwest’s Maryland One or Illinois One or whatever One is scheduled for a flight to my destination.

So far, I’ve only been on two of Southwest’s special color scheme aircraft. It would be great if I could get a chance to fly on all of them.

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IMWTK = Inquisitive Minds Want To Know (I forget where this originated, or maybe it’s too long ago for you young whippersnappers).

Anyway, asking about a particular airframe is not that unusual in the enthusiasts’ word; and certainly not nefarious or suspicious per se.
Could be:
OP wants to photo that particular plane
OP wants to log (write the reggie) that particular plane
OP wants to fly on that plane
OP just wants to see the Steeler plane.

I can’t see what knowing where a specific plane is going to be on a specific day would be of any use to a terrorist. Unless it’s an Eagles fan preparing for some egging :stuck_out_tongue:

It originally was “Enquiring minds want to know” and was the tagline for TV and radio advertisements for the National Enquirer tabloid back in the 70s.