Help me please


I would like to know if it is just me. I haven’t a clue how to do a tail number search. I put in a tail number and I get something like it cannot track it…what is the search good for. I worked for Delta and I did ramp and cabin service and there are a few A/C’s that I would love to know where they are. Help me figure out how to do that.



In general, you will not be able to track specific airline equipment via the tail number. These flights are filed via the flight number, and the tail number is not part of the information, so FA does not know what the tail number is.

There are a few sites that track by sniffing ACARS or SELCAL transmissions and such, lining a tail number to a flight number (for that flight of course- tomorrow a different plane may well be flying the route!) so you often can find specific tail numbers that way. I can’t find my link to the site right this second- I’ll post it here when I do, unless somebody else gets it first.


Thanks I really appriciate it! I sure would like to know where my favorite 927DA is and the first 88 I bought in 911DL are up to! HA HA!


Got it, check SPOTTERS . You can put in a tail number, and list recent history of when their spotters picked it it. Once you get a flight number for a particular date, you should be able to use FA to see the flight track.

Good luck!




Feff: A little suggestion. When you put a title on a topic, use something descriptive such as “help me find a DAL aircrft by tail number.” This way, people that are able to help can zero in on your posting.

Also, take a look at the FAQs and the previous postings. Both of these have your topic covered. The FAQs for FlightAware, unlikes FAQs I’ve seen at other sites, actually do cover frequently asked questions!