Airport Board Result API with scheduled flight


Hi everyone,

I have developed a script that send a tweet automatically when an aircraft with a special livery comes into one of mine interesting airport, based on its tail number.

I’ve already implemented the functionality for incoming flight, and it works properly.
My question was about scheduled flights, because I’ve noticed that not so much of them are already with their tail number assigned, meanwhile on flight radar I can see the tail number for a flights also 24 hours before.

For example, in case of a night stop, on FlightAware the tail number doesn’t show itself until at least 3 hours before flight, while on Flightradar I can see it also the night before.

Is there a way to improve this ‘viewing’ of tail number, or generally speaking, the informations for a scheduled flight?

Thanks staff,
I appreciate


Are you searching by the tail number or the callsign and flight number?


I use FlightAware ID to get all the information about flights.
Do I have to use tail number instead? Is it better?


Would it be possible to share the script you are using?


Of course, it is available on GitHub