Does anyone know what charter jet aircraft company has the icao code of “TQM”? Looks like they fly alot out of KFXE, but it comes up as unknown owner on flight aware. Can’t find it on any of the other usual sites either.

Brian S.

TQF is UK ROYAL/VIP HELICOPTER FLIGHTS “rainbow” and TQN is TAQUAN AIR SERVICES, INC. “Taquan” but I can’t find TQM. My guess is it’s just a charter company that recently got it’s callsign.

Found it.

and no, my father and I have not started our own charter company. (JM family?)

Thanks, that was fast.

I got three more for you or anyone else. I can’t find these charter carriers.

TVD Flies predominately in the Pacfic Northwest
TWY Most flights out west
JCM Flies a LJ35 and FA20

Thanks in advance
Brian S.

Sssssssshhhhhhhhhhh, nobody tell him!

What if I say please? :smiley:

TVD is one of the cargo companies like Aeroflight based at BFI. I will try to pay attention next time I see them, probably tomorrow.

I wasn’t referring to you, CFIJames is my son.

Contractions (for more information, use the search feature to see what this is all about)

Yes, TVD is Aeroflight.

Okay, thanks for TVD. Do you know if there callsign is Aeroflight?

TWY is Sunset Aviation.

Just missing JCM. Anyone know?

I’m not picking up JCM as a valid airline ICAO code.

Found it

Secure Air Charter


I wonder if that is a recent change, because I’m still not finding any record of it.

Yes, Aeroflight.