Some Gap Fillers

With regards to the last e-mail I sent about the “WDR” flights…I made a concerted effort to identify some of the unknowns on the flight tracker.

To be noted…

1.PCL…Pinnacle Executive Jet Charter.I’m thinking that the callsign would be “Pinnacle”,but not confirmed.All the PCL flight numbers correspond to the registration of the aircraft…i.e.PCL898/N898PA LJ60,PCL494/N494PA LJ60,etc.I have a list if so desired.

2.LJY…LJ Aviation,callsign"Eljay".Also here the flight numbers correspond to the registration…i.e.LJY889/N889B C550,LJY6/N6NY C560,etc.

3.HTL…Jet Links Aviation,callsign"Heartland".Again the flight number connects to the registration…i.e.HTL803/N803JL H25B.

4.CLY…Clay Lacy Aviation,callsign"Lacy".Flight numbers correspond to the registrations…i.e.CLY254/N254CL LJ25,CLY354/N354CL LJ35,etc.

5.FWK…Flightworks Inc.callsign possibly it’s namesakes.Also the flight numbers match the registrations.

There is one that I’m still trying to match up…GDG…flight numbers seen on the flight tracker…GDG461/GLF4,GDG800/LJ35.The latter may be N800GJ,but I cannot confirm that.

I hope this info helps someone out there.Flight Aware is the best deal going out there for cost free flight tracking sites/programs.

Keep up the great work!!

Mark Kortvely Sr.

SSH (Snoeshoe) is out of Burlington,VT is Heritage Flight. Their Captain each uses their own 2 numbers followed by the charter number of the day. You have to do an airport search of KBTV to find them.

SnoWshoe sometimes fly across the Pond too, have identified N79AN CL61 as being one of theirs.

sorry, darn e is too close to the w.

PCL callsign is “Pinnacle Group.” Pinnacle Executive Jet Charter DBA Jetride.