More ICAO identifiers


Great website. Here are a few more for the database. PCL: “pinnacle”, Pinnacle Air, Springdale, AR. (not to be confused with Pinnacle Airlines, the Northwest CRJ operator). LGT: “longtail”, Longtail Aviation, Bermuda. HTL: “heartland”, unknown operator. Anyone know who’s using the WWI identifier ?


HTL is Jet Linx


Longtail has what a KA200 and a Westwind?


John Koltes still at Jetlinx ?


Never saw a reply to this, any offers on WWI (no, not world war one) for a charter operator with various biz types?
Worldwide or WorldWay??

Thx IN(UK)


WWI is the Worldwide Jet Charter based out of the US, will callsign of “worldwide”

A great site for lookup by callsign, company name, or 3-letter code: