Part 91 three letter designators


Love FlightAware! However, I have one question. My Part 91 company has been approved for a ICAO three letter designator for close to 3 months now. The problem is that FlightAware doesn’t display our aircraft while flying IFR. There is simply no record of us either live or history. We’d love to be able to track our aircraft when using the callsigns.


Hi, Mark, and welcome to FlightAware. What’s your ICAO prefix and can you give me an example of a recent flight and the identifier?


The company name is Keystone Aerial Surveys. ICAO prefix is “FTP” call sign “Foot Print”.

The last time we flew IFR was a Friday 13th I believe. It was filed plan from the ARD VOR into KPNE. That was under FTP280. A few days before that FTP530 did some pratice approaches at KPNE and filed IFR from KPNE to KPNE.

Thanks again!!


Hello hello,

I was wondering how you went about getting this three letter ID for your company? I am trying to find out any info that I can about it as my airline just became a scheduled carrier and am trying to get one. Any info would be helpful. Thanks in advance.


I noticed you posted a similar question here.. My question is: if you are operating under FAA regulations why wouldn’t you know this?

You should search this forum for that information - I gave it earlier. Hint: used radio telephony as the search words then look for my entry.