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While flying around the country this week, I heard several Call Signs on air that I didn’t recognize to associate an operator to. Maybe it’s here and I’m just having a difficult time finding it…but how about a listing of operator Call Signs. The closest thing I found is the airborne fleet list that shows the aircraft airborne by operator and call sign. But it would be nice to have an alphabetical list of known operators and their call sign and/or a list of call signs and their corresponding operator.

What do you think FA staff?


Don’t know what the FlightAware staff thinks but I do know there is already a listing available: FAA Publication 7340.2 Contractions. Also available in PDF.

Chapter 3 is what you want to look at. Chapter 1, Section 4 explains how call signs (“Telephony Designators” in FAA speak) are assigned.


Call signs Dave, not “telephony designators”.


Your right Dave, and I’m aware of the 7340. But I was thinking more about a list here on FA for users rather than having to reference an outside source.


I thought that’s what you might have meant. Just in case, though, I thought I’d give the reference to Publication 7340.

The FAA term for “call signs” is “telephony designators.” Wasn’t I clear about that?


Yes you were. I thought you were referring to the 3 letter codes though, my apologies.

Airline "Call Sign"
American Airlines "American"
Southwest Airlines Co. "Southwest"
United Air Lines Inc. "United"
Delta Air Lines, Inc. "Delta"
Continental Air Lines Inc. "Continental"
SkyWest Airlines "SkyWest"
ExpressJet Airlines "Jetlink"
American Eagle, Inc. "Eagle Flight"
Airtran Airways, Inc. "Citrus"
America West Airlines "Cactus"
Atlantic Southeast Airlines, Inc. "Acey"
Etc, etc, etc.


So I guess it’s not such a good idea? :confused:


I’ve forwarded your request to the developers. We have a list, we just don’t have a web interface for it.


Gotcha… Thanks for the response Mark.


Unsure if this is posted in the right spot or not…

ENJ is the ICAO code for a new airline in Canada called Enerjet. Would it be possible to add them to your ‘tracking list’? They are currently operating one B737-700 with a second aircraft to be added later this month. They are currently doing charter work for an Oil and Gas Company but are expected to be adding some Vacation Charter work in the New Year.

Thank you for your assistance.