Topic Rankings


Curious to know the top-ranked topics in terms of views in the discussion forums. A quick glance at all the pages tells me something, but I thought maybe there was an “official” ranking (as of 7/18/07) from the FA powers-that-be.


Until the official results are in, I can tell you that for the 15 months that I’ve been hangin’ around here,
High-Flyers photographs 14 pages with over 330 posts and nearly 30,000 views…
Comair 191 Down! 13 pages with just over 300 posts and over 58,000 views…

And the most frequently posted new topic was probably “STRANGE TRACK”. At least twice a week, someone would create a new thread asking about the phenomenon of tracking two planes with the same flight number in the system creating a track LIKE THIS ONE. We haven’t seen that for a long time - I think the fine people at FlightAware created a filter to catch that type of anomaly.