41001 post

It’s all mine. (If the counter is right)

You got the 4717th topic, 41858th post…



Hmmm, what does FlightAware members have posted a total of 41030 articles mean then at the top of the main thread page?

Neither number is remotely close.


Thank you!!

Ever stop to think the total postings given by mduell includes removed postings? I’m pretty sure mduell is in more of a position to give the correct count than you are.

Could very well be, but irregardless the answer doesn’t match what is shown on the counter of the forum website.

And if you read my question very carefully, you will note, my question is what is on the forum website, NOT what he posted.

In addition, I’d think mduell can speak for himself thank you very much


I’m just looking at the post/thread number in the URL.
discussions.flightaware.com/view … 1858#41858 is your post.

The count in the forums probably doesn’t include posts that have been deleted, and I think the count in the URL also includes votes in polls. I hate to think I’ve had to delete 857 posts.

Thanks Bill The Cat… That is so funny! HA HA!