So which one of you had post #20,000?


It was cfijames first post in this thread.


Are you SURE about that Mark? That post was submitted on 12/13. As of this moment (0934EST on 12/17), there have been 20027 total submissions, not counting this one. I just counted 43 posts in about two discussions in “Notable Activity” that occured after 12/14, and that’s barely scratching the surface! Do you guys not count certain postings?!


The count could be off (we’re not huge fans of phpBB), but look at the URL I linked to: p=20000


In that case, the counter on the main discussion page is off by a few hundred:



So my post that we all thought was #10,000 and I thought deserved a hat was not in fact the 10,000th post. linky But I do have the 20,000th post? I’ll take it!
David, we really ought to get those folks to make some hats… and then give me one!


Post IDs are a unique number for each post including posts that users have subsequently deleted. So, ID 20000 was handed out well before the 20000th “real” post.


No hats, but you DO win one year of FA membership FOR FREE!!! :wink: Congratulations; you’re envied by many…