Next landmark in 90,000 posts


Nine months of being public:


I just noticed that, in my last post. What do I win? :laughing:


You really should get that cough checked…


We don’t even have FlightAware hats! :slight_smile:


Well you should! :slight_smile:


Big time game show host: "Johnny, tell cfijames what he has won for the 10,000th post!"
Big time game show announcer: “Bob, cfijames has won the honor of flying (at cifjames’ expense) damiross and his girlfriend to Napa, Seattle, and Rancho Cucamonga.”


On my salary? HA! Might get from Frisco to Fresno but thats about it!


I’ll take it!


Anyone who would go to Fresno as a lark, would go to Hell for a vacation!


I’ll endure Fresno if I could get a flight in a PC-12!



Based just north of you at Gnoss Field in Novato!


Now that’s commitment!


Feel free to shoot out here to RVS if you are giving out free rides…It’s not THAT far out of the way…


If James’s sister hadn’t been living there when she was competing for NAPVA and teaching at CS Fresno, I would have been happy to have foregone the pleasure of ever visiting there!

Stephanie skying over 14 feet!


Hey, I’ve been to Fresno on vacation!

Of course, just because I had to pass through it to get to Yosemite. :wink:


Get it right…It’s Fresneck State…NOT CS Fresno




I know, but do you know how many people actually refer to it as CS Fresno?


Ummmmmmmm… Zero?