poster rankings.

Somewhere in the past someone posted a link that showed who posted the most during the past week or ? I can’t find that link. Thanks in advance.

I saw that link too (in the banter thread I think). I’ve never seen a site like that and thought it was interesting, so lucky for you, I saved it in my favorites:


Are we really surprised by who is at the top?

Well, good for Will744!

I don’t know why people have to poke fun, even directly, at people who have high post counts. Even if some of the posts are dumb there’s still no reason to belittle them.

Now, I need to get a crackin’ when it comes to postin’ because I’m only showing. I want to win or at least place.

My goal is to get 0 postings! (Huh? Look at the number of my postings to the left)

Before, on some other topic, you said all I was trying to do was get high posting numbers… And you have a goal to get to 0 posts, which means 3,807 to go. And you will tell me I am trying to get high numbers???

Ok…someone educate me…do we get a medal or something for more posts? Why is that important? :confused:

It’s not important at all. Just damiross told me a long time ago that I was just posting for high numbers, but that ain’t close to being true…

Yes - but you must provide the chest to pin it on.

There’s nothing really special about the high number of postings. In fact, once you get to your 5,000th posting the next count number is **-**4,999.

Though he’s been a member here since March, he didn’t start posting until about 2 months ago and already he’s at 969 posts. That’s like 15 posts per day!

Posting here should NEVER be about quaNTity - it should be about quaLity!

To me it has, and never will be about quantity. But I don’t hit the quality part very well…

Don’t worry, you’re getting better Will

I would even side with WiserTime on this one. Baby steps though. First quality of posts, then we will work on the emoticon use. :smiley:

Don’t worry, you’re getting better Will

I don’t know about that, but thanks for the compliment…

But still reason to judge them as ‘dumb’ eh?

Nothing belittling about that. Nothing at all . . .

a little contradiction in terms…wondered if someone else saw that.

Whatever. There are some people here that are just plain dumb. Maybe not in the intelligent way but in other ways. Some of the dumbest people I’ve know have had high IQ’s.

I’ll state what I believe and if you (the royal “you”) contradict me and imply that what I said was stupid, dump, idiotic, false, and the similar then the joke’s on you. Just remember that if I don’t reply to something it’s not because you are right and I’m not; it’s just that I don’t want to be drawn into a protracted battle of wits with the witless and risk getting banned from the forum.

No one that ends every statement with an ellipsis is getting better at anything. In fact, I read every one of his asinine statements as if he’s a passive-aggressive old woman that trails off on every sentence so as to elicit a response.

EDIT: Fixed.

The only way to get into a PROTRACTED battle of wits with someone is to be evenly matched! :wink:

Ellipse? I didn’t even know we had one of those recently. I gotta start looking into the sky more often. haha - actually, it’s called an ellipsis. An ellipse is an oval-ish shape with an ever changing radius. Maybe he’s trying to keep you in suspense of something jeep…

I would much rather misspell it once than misuse(abuse) it in every single statement. The only way I could take him less seriously is if he ended everything in “lol” which also seems to be the new period these days.